Things to Love about the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Pascagoula River

Lately, I have read many blogs and comments about Mississippi’s image. Those who laugh at Mississippi without knowing her treasures, I smile at their ignorance. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is a hidden treasure. Once you stumble upon it, you’ll never want to leave. So what is it that makes the Gulf Coast so wonderful?

1. The Butter. This is not just any type of butter. It is a magical delicious kind of butter used solely for the fresh shrimp, craw fish and fish that come straight from the boats to your kitchen grill. Fresh seafood can be bought from almost any corner. In fact, the local grocery store has an outside place just for eating your craw fish. Salty, yet sweet. Spicy, yet not burning. Warm, but not scalding. The butter is the perfect combination with the salt water creatures, which there is plenty of. It’s not uncommon for families to gather around a huge table and just peel their crustacean and eat all day.

2. The Beach. Year round, the beach is minutes from any given place on the Coast (obviously) but also, never crowded. No parking fees, no screaming kids, no overly drunk people invading on your towel space. It’s an oasis and it’s the best kept secret. (Shhhhh!) The nearby islands are often filled with locals who sail, paddle, or put-put-put on their motor boats out there. The blue and pink sun rises are met with early morning dog walkers, and exercise fanatics. The most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen can make any person with a camera feel like a professional. However, the water side doesn’t end at the Gulf. It’s not uncommon to find fishers casting their nets out by the bayous, rivers or other wetlands that Mississippi is compromised of.

3. The Culture. Often, this surprises people that the state that has such a bad rap for being poor, racist, and fat could have any kind of culture. It’s ironic because the coast is overflowing with culture. Mississippi itself has produced numerous world wide famous artists- Peter and Walter Anderson, William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, and countless others. Each town has its own unique story. Biloxi- the small fishing village become a casino tourism town; Ocean Springs- the cute and quaint town that has remained quaint complete with a small oak covered downtown that provides everything from clothing, to art, to pastries, to doughnuts made from potatoes (a town favorite and a delicious classic). Pascagoula- the town built on the bayous. Drive a boat down the pascagoula river and admire some of the finest houses that Pascagoula has to offer. The South also provides a different kind of culture to its youth. No, we are not hand fed bigotry and racism but rather, manners such as yes ma’ams and no sirs. In this sense, Mississippi has not lost it’s pre-civil war charm. The pearls, porches, sweet tea, and southern drawls did not die in the war. It’s vibrant and alive on the Coast.

4. More Food. Bbq, seafood, cookies and cakes.The Southern hospitality has not been lost and it’s expressed through good cooking. Mississippi takes pride in her food.That’s another thing: Pride. Although we are badgered left and right for all of our problems (obesity, teenage pregnancy, smoking, poverty, etc.), you’ve never felt such hope for a state. We are number one in charitable givings. Not just the amount we give, but the percent of our income that it comes out of. The Fourth of July evokes tears and patriotism like you’ve never seen.

5. The Location. Just around the corner in any direction is a new place to discover with a totally different feel. Head to New Orleans for Jazz on the French Quarter, or in deeper to Louisiana for tours of huge antebellum plantation homes. On the other side, find your happy place by going to Florida for that bright, bright sunshine and crowded beaches because, let’s be honest, crowded beaches just have that whole “i’m living the life” atmosphere.

5. The Resilience. That happy-go-lucky life style found on the Coast is not just due to good times. The people of the Gulf Coast have suffered and suffered hard. Everyone has a Katrina story. When Katrina wiped out their homes, and jobs, the Coast joined together to help one another. It’s said to be the worst storm to ever hit America and in less than ten years, the Coast has bounced back from nothing to being stronger than ever. The occasional empty concrete slab and house-less staircase is the only reminder of how far we’ve come.

The Gulf Coast is a treasure that keeps on surprising and I love it.


Thoughts on Death: Don’t we all deserve to die?

Although I am young and not the wisest to speak on the topic of death, I feel that there is something to be said for a teenager as I have a perspective that older people sometimes lose through their infinite knowledge and understanding. I don’t understand the reactions of those after an almost self caused death.

Conversations I have witnessed have gone like:


“Did you hear about so and so?”


“Yeah, but she deserved to die since she was drinking/speeding/selfharming/doing drugs/running a red light/living unhealthy.”


I hate that. I hate it so much. Just because the death could’ve been prevented does not mean the death is okay to write off. When you mourn the dead, you are not mourning the moment of their death but the loss of the rest of their life. It doesn’t make it easier for those that have to go on without their “deserving” beloveds to hear that their death does not in fact even matter anymore.


Yes, it could’ve been prevented.


Yes, it is sad and tragic just like anyone should feel towards losing a loved one.


No, it’s not okay to belittle them because their death is and will be their lasting mistake.


After all, we are all going to die one day. Would you want to be remembered as the person who deserved-to-die because you made a mistake?



Practice Principles of Selfishness

This is one of those hard truths that seem contrary to everything taught to us throughout childhood; however, it is not taught to us that society does not have our backs. Society will not make your decisions or boost you forward. Society is made up of you, me, and 6 billion other people that are consumed with their own self-interests. Rags to riches stories do not happen because many people looked out for another and hand fed him/her opportunities. No one will, that is no one but yourself. It is up to you to find your dream and work for it. Be assertive in every moment and keep your eye on the prize. No one else fails or succeeds in your life but you. The expectations, in fact, come from within, formed by (you guessed it) YOU. It is up to you to make yourself happy, to make yourself get up in the morning, and to make you succeed. You are the center of your life and world and the best part is that you are running the show.

If you want to be rich, go out there and work for it everyday. Don’t give up or get discouraged. Those who try, fail and those who try, try, try will one day succeed.

If you want to be happy, take the necessary steps. You already know in your heart what they are. Eliminate the person or the thing that drags you down.

If you want to be the best, work to be the best.

After all, we will never get these days back. These years, months and moments are in the past, even as you read this. Don’t keep wishing for things or feeling the way that you do. Go and search out your dreams, success or fail.

“Never give up on something that you can’t stop thinking about.”

How to Prom…


It’s that season again girls! Spring is rolling around the corner and you can feel the anxiety and smell the anticipation in the air. Girls are hoping for a big prom-posal and boys are trying to meet that expectation, some failing and some succeeding. It can be tricky to make it through this time of year without any blunders but by following a few easy steps, it is possible!

The preparations are a bit more extensive than the guys but the payout is worth so much more. The pictures will last a lifetime and every girl deserves to have that coming-of-age night. That’s what prom represents to me. First and foremost, the dress! Some girls push themselves to lose weight and tone up just for this special night but truly, finding a dress that makes confidence radiate is what is really special.

The next step would be finding a date! This can be tricky as a girl since we, guided by the etiquette of the ages, cannot ask a guy; however, it is more than okay to weigh options and reconnect old friendships for the purpose of a fun date. Talking etiquette, it is considered appropriate to buy a boutonniere for the boy’s suit as he will buy the girl’s corsage. I have found that it is much more fun to have a date that I can feel comfortable around and cut loose rather than a guy that I feel nervous and don’t really know just for the sake of going with a crush. Also, I know from personal experience that going with a group of good friends can be a lot more fulfilling than going with someone that I’m not comfortable with. Don’t forget, that fun is what prom is all about.

Closer to, the focus is beautifying! Pick the hairstyle, the makeup, and the accessories! Have fun with it and don’t forget to practice before hand if considering doing it alone. Also, don’t feel pressured to spend lots of money. I have always done my hair and makeup on my own and I feel that I was not lacking in anyway.

The day of is fast approaching, and don’t forget about all the special details for it! Make plans to go with a group or solo, but don’t forgo taking pictures. While the night only lasts a few hours, the pictures last forever. Going to dinner is also a tradition that makes this night what it is so do not forget to make reservations beforehand.

Most importantly though, remember to take pictures, cut loose, and make prom one of the most memorable nights of high school!